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5 Reasons to Have a Will

5 Reasons to Have a Will

Having a will is very important for you and your family. It is normal to make assumptions that we will only die when we are old but that is not the case. Death cannot be predicted as anything can happen to anyone at any age and that is why deciding who will protect your loved ones early enough is important. To avoid any confusion when you are gone, here are 5 reasons to have a will.


Parents are the only people who know their children the most and how valuable they are to them. By having a will, you will be able to decide who will take good care of your children in case something happens. You are the only one who knows who among your family members will raise and protect your kids. For people who don’t have the will, the court takes up the responsibility and chooses a guardian.

Single parents are also encouraged to make early decisions to avoid their children from getting stranded or being under someone who you don’t like or trust.  Here is a video explaining why every parent should make their will.

No one knows the future

Even though people still procrastinate about death, there are some things like accidents which are beyond our control. Others realize the importance of having a will when it is too late and you shouldn’t be one of them either. To prevent your family from going through emotional trauma and stress, make a plan and get started.

The best thing about having a will is that you can make any changes in it as long as you are still alive so you don’t have to worry if you divorce.

Your business

Your business partners or heirs can only legally own your business or company through a will. Due to poor planning and lack of various skills, your family cannot run your business effectively and that is why you should clearly state who will be in control.

Avoid fights

There are a number of negative things people can do for money and this can also happen during inheritance. Your family members may fight to get what they believe are theirs hence leading to more problems. Your mother or son for example cannot get a specific amount of money from your possessions no matter how much they think it is their right. By having a drafted will, you will be able to know who best deserves your inheritance and your solicitor will also help in making better decisions.

The assets

The thought of having your assets given away to someone who doesn’t deserve them is enough to make you have a will. You cannot decide on who will get what when you are dead and the state can’t make decisions either as there are protocols. Example, if you did not legally divorce your husband, he may still claim a large percentage of your share if you die. Take control and decide on who will get your possessions before it is too late.


There are many other reasons why wills are very important and getting legal advice will create more opportunities than risks. Make sure that you have a trusted and experienced lawyer to reduce future inconveniences.


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Five Things to Look For In a Criminal Attorney

Five Things to Look For In a Criminal Attorney

Whether you or your loved one is facing DUI, theft or any run-in with the law, you need an appropriate, experienced criminal attorney to help you fight the case. With many lawyers to select from, it can be a difficult task to find the best and right one for you. It is important that you find a dependable criminal attorney whom you can trust with your case. Here are five things to look for in a criminal attorney before you hire them.

1. Local advantage

As a defendant, you ought to hire a criminal attorney with experience in the court where the case is pending. Even though the whole state may follow the same laws, procedures differ from one courthouse to another. Moreover, defense attorneys in one location may have knowledge of prosecutors that are more likely to plead right before trial, as opposed to those who will make negotiations in advance. Local attorneys may also be acquainted with the police officers and their performance in court before juries.

2. Experience with crimes charged

The attorney you intend to hire should have represented defendants charged with cases identical or similar to yours. Though most criminal defense attorneys deal with routine defense cases, there are some who specialize in a particular area of criminal defense. It would be better if you find a lawyer who has specialized in the particular type of criminal case that you have as this often means more experience in that area.

3. Personal comfort

It is important that the criminal attorney you hire is someone with whom you feel personally comfortable working. You should be able to gauge this after you meet him and discuss your case. Both of you need to be full partners in the process decision-making. You should also feel comfortable to ask them questions as well as clarify certain important things.

4. Reputation

It is imperative that you consider the specific attorney’s reputation. You ought to hire lawyers who are well-known for taking on complex, difficult and high-profile cases. You can determine the reputation of a lawyer by researching testimonials, reviews as well as publications.

5. Cost

Since the cost of private attorneys varies, it is important that you understand the things that will affect that number. Most attorneys will charge on the basis of a number of factors such as the complexity of the case, their level of experience, the length of the case or the jurisdiction in which the charges were filed. Given the charges against you, you should decide whether it is sensible to pay more for a certain lawyer.

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